Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Man Found in Grave

Authorities are investigating after a body was found bried in a shallow grave....this was in Churchill county... campers found the man's body... authorities think he died from a gunshot... the body was found nine miles north of the nightingale exit on sunday. anyone with information about the man's identity should call 775-423-3116.

Pedestrian Hit

A woman is dead after being hit by a car. It happened last night at Farm District Road and Jenny's Lane in Fernley.  Police say the  woman was crossing the street with another person in a dimly lit area when the accident happened.  Police say the driver who is cooperating in the investigation, may not have seen the pedestrian in the dark. 

Rancher v Feds

Nevada rancher says the feds may have damaged his cows. A Nevada rancher says he's trying to determine whether federal agents damaged any of his cattle before they released hundreds of rounded-up bovines in a showdown with angry protesters over the weekend.  The Bureau of Land Management released the cattle to avoid a potentially violent situation in a decades-long dispute over states' rights and grazing on public lands. The BLM suspended the roundup Saturday after armed militia members joined hundreds of states' rights protesters at the scene.

State Employee Charged

Nevada Department of Transportation employee is accused of using a state credit card to buy around 250 thousand dollars worth of items that he later sold or pawned to support his gambling habit... tal smith was the subject of an indictment filed in fallon... he's been charged with theft, misconduct by a public officer, and fraudulent appropriation of property... he allegedly made repeated illegal purchases over a three year time frame, then hid them by changing receipts and other records. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Body Discovered

A body is discovered in a shallow grave. The discovery was made by a camper who climbed a small hill to watch the sunset Saturday night near Exit 65 off I-80. It is believed the victim is a male adult. The body has been taken to the Washoe County Medical Examiner to determine the identity and cause of death.  Anyone who may have additional information that can help with the investigation is asked to call the Churchill County Sheriff's Office or Secret Witness at 322-4900.

Militias Declare Victory Over Government

The range war in the Nevada mountains was suspended over the weekend when the Bureau of Land Management stopped rounding up what they called trespassing cattle and returned the cows they had already corralled. Militia groups that had rallied to the defense of the rancher celebrated what they called victory over the feds, who said they were calling off the operation because of escalating dangers to those involved, with armed men on both sides. 67 year-old Cliven Bundy has refused to pay a fee to graze his cattle on public lands for a decade, saying the land belongs to Nevada, not the US.

Saturation Patrol

Make sure you're driving safely and sober. The Carson City Sheriff's Office will conduct saturation patrols along Carson City roadways on Saturday, April 19 and a DUI compliance checkpoint on Saturday, April 26. During the saturation patrols, deputies will be looking for intoxicated drivers as well as driving habits and traffic violations which are associated with intoxicated drivers.